RapidShape D100+ Ortho


D100+ ortho

Fully automated, open material DLP 3D printer with platform changer

With the RapidShape D100+ ortho 3D printer you can scale up your 3D printed orthodontic model production to up to 800 models per day with a single system. With a modular design and industrial components, the D100+ offers the same accuracy, repeatability, and precision as other RapidShape 3D printers but with the throughput needed to maximize productivity.

Orthodontic Model Production at Scale

The RapidShape D100+ 3D printer makes automated 24/7 orthodontic model production a reality. Designed for high-volume dental labs looking to achieve the highest productivity and profitability, the D100+ with cabinet or inline 3D prints high-precision models that are automatically separated and transferred from the build plate. The system is then able to start production on the next build without human intervention, allowing for unmatched volume 3D printing. Powered by an industrial projection system and internal cooling for system components the D100 is built for high volume demands without breaks and unnecessary downtime.

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D100+ ortho rapidshape

RapidShape D100+ ortho


  • Automatic Separation Module (ASM)
  • Automatic Resin Refill
  • AC controlled interior for continuous use
  • Certified Auto Calibration (ACCS)
  • Remote Access Available


Up to 24 ortho models in approx. 30 minutes*


rapidshape inline screenshot 2

*Based on optimal build platform utilization



  RS Inline Models in 10 hours Models in 24 hours
Realistic (as measured at the customer) 1 x D100+

5 x D100+





Best Case  (standardized flat models) 1 x D100+

5 x D100+





Key Features

Automatic Separation Module D30

Automatic Separation Module (ASM)

Volume production icon

Optional with Cabinet or Conveyor Belt

Low cost icon

Cost Efficient Productivity

Compatible materials

Open System

Proto3000 Icon_Automatic Resin Refill

Automatic Resin Refill

Proto3000 Icon_24-7 manufacturing

Designed for Industrial Continuous Manufacturing


Certified Auto Calibration (ACCS)

Proto3000_Touchscreen icon

User Friendly

Cloud Storage Proto3000 icon

Remote Access Available

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Open Materials

RapidShape open material DLP 3D printers are compatible with over 200 validated materials from leading material manufacturers. They are included in the materials library, each with a tested and approved set of printing parameters. This way, you have the flexibility to choose whichever material you want to work with.


Rapidshape bottles

Material Partners

Automated Post-Processing

With Rapidshape Dental 3D printing solutions you have an integrated semi-automated workflow for post-processing. This allows you to seamlessly cure and clean parts coming right off the printer

RS Wash

RapidShape Wash offers the perfect finish for dental products from the printer, automatically and with an environmentally-friendly cleaning.

The RS Wash automated cleaning system boasts several new features to make cleaning your prints safe and easy (patents pending). Fully automatic cleaning is possible in approximately 6-8 minutes, without the need to handle sticky resins. Easily achieve optimal results without wasting cleaning materials. The RS Wash connects wirelessly to your printer, streamlining how you clean your prints.
  • Effective computer controlled cleaning agents use
  • Exchangeable liquid container (plug-in system)
  • Stackable with RS Cure

RapidShape RS Wash

wireless printer connectivity

Wireless printer connectivity

clean process-no resins

Clean process.

No handling of sticky resins.

reduced smell

Reduced smell

RS Cure

Safety and speed throughout the entire production process: 360° curing with certified programs.

The RS Cure unit offers a validated material curing in just about 6-10 minutes. The illumination system cures homogeneously from all sides by powerful LEDs in combination with heating and vacuum (patents pending). The radiation covers the UVA and UVB spectrum.

Mechanical properties and biocompatibility of the final product are certified by various material suppliers. Equipped with a data link to the 3D printer, the right curing program is pre-selected and starts with the touch of a button.

  • 360° illumination in one go
  • Certified auto calibration (ACCS)
  • Stackable with RS Wash


Validated process

Compatible materials

Compatible materials

Works with vacuum

wireless printer connectivity

Wireless printer connectivity

D100+ ortho
Technical Specifications

Building Area
Building Area
338 x 190 mm
Native Pixel
Native Pixel
+/- 44 microns
Max. Part Height
Max. Part Height
80 mm
Light Source
Light Source
405 nm, ultra-high power UV LED
4K, 3840 x 1593 x 443 mm
Dimension (W x H x D)
Dimension (W x H x D)
625 x 1593 x 443 mm
10" touch-screen
  • Cabinet
  • Inline (Specifications on request)