Desktop Health Dental 3D Printing Materials


For customized-fit orthodontic applications.

E-Aqua Model

Eco-friendly material for easy cleanup of dental models


3D printing resin for the production of highly accurate, scannable dental models


Produce highly accurate, crystal clear orthodontic devices


Precise targeted placement of implants


Affordable dental model 3D printing resin for volume production


Delicate Partial Frameworks


Translucent 3D printing resin for unique dental trays

Flexcera Smile Ultra+

Permanent smiles, made possible with 3D printing

Flexcera™ Base

Create beautiful, functional dentures with ceramic-like strength

Flexcera™ Smile

Create Unforgettable Smiles with 3D Printed Teeth

Model X by Desktop Health™

Achieve exceptionally detailed 3D printed dental models

Model Z by Desktop Health™

Designed for Fast, Affordable, and High Accuracy Orthodontic Model Production

Press E-Cast

3D printing resin with ash-free burnout for the production of high-quality castings