Forward-looking hybrid technology for professional dental labs and milling centres

The CORiTEC AM100 metal 3D printer is a fast and affordable entry into additive dental production. It is optimally matched for Cobalt-Chrome dental alloy powder to produce dental prostheses using the laser melting process. In addition, CORiTEC AM100 can 3D print up to 250 units per processing cycle in less than 3 minutes. Last but not least, this hybrid laser powder bed fusion printer is engineered to have an innovative cartridge system which allows for the material to be reused and recycled thanks to the CORiTEC AMpure unpacking station.

High-quality and complex dental constructions through
3D printing & re-milling

imes-icore’s innovative hybrid technology combines laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) with dental milling. In combination with the CORiTEC 350i and 650i series, you can raise the bar of new standards for high-quality dental prostheses through the re-milling of LPBF units in hybrid technology.

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Key Features

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Fast and Effective

Proto3000_Icon_Hybrid Processing

Hybrid Processing

Abutments and implant prosthetics are possible due to hybrid processing.

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Cartridge System

Revolver with 5 cartridges.

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Touch-screen Display

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Integrated Camera

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Powder Reuse System


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Telescopic Technology Applications

Proto3000_Icon_Complex Dental Constructions

Complex Dental Constructions

Proto3000_Icon_Custom Hybrid Abutments

Hybrid Abutments


Cobalt-Chrome Production

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Implant Prosthetics

System Highlights & Performance

Laser Powder Bed Fusion System

CORiTEC AM100 works according to the Laser-Powder-Bed-Fusion (LPBF) process. In this process, a 200-watt fiber laser with a focus diameter of 45 µm melts the powder material, layer by layer. This enables the production of the most complex geometries on an area of 150 x 150 x 150 mm, at a speed of up to 3000 mm/s.


200 W Laser Power

500 Units per Day

20-80 μm Layer Height

45 μm Focus Diameter

Economical, Clean and
Easy Powder Management


  • Laser Powder Bed Fusion process

    • It starts with the powder being dispensed from the supply cartridge. The powder is collected into the overflow cartridge then the full build module is transported to the AMPure station by trolley for the unpacking process.
  • Unpacking Process

    • The overflow powder is collected in the overflow cartridges. The disposal of the remaining overflow powder is done via ATEX vacuum cleaner. The empty build module is transported to the AM100 printer by trolley for the next print job.
  • Cartridge Change

    • The full overflow cartridge from the AM100 printer gets into the sieving unit.
  • Sieving Process

    • The powder is sieved and collected in an empty supply cartridge. The oversize powder is separated into oversize containers.
  • Cartridge Re-change

    • The recycled powder is ready for use in the AM100 3D printer and the empty overflow cartridge gets back into the AMPure. The final step is the disposal of the oversize powder so that you can reinsert the empty container.

Smart Cartridge System

CORiTEC® AMpure is the unpacking station that includes an ultrasonic sieve station for powder preparation. It makes the perfect synergy with the LPBF printing process and the subsequent cleaning of the components without powder contact. The collection of the excess powder in the supply cartridge is fully-automated.



The CORiTEC® AM100 software comes with amazing perks such as a user-friendly operation of the HMI, guided step sequence and an optimal overview through the status display. At any time, the instructions are accessible to the operator.


iCAM AM laser

  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Component analysis and repair through integrated MeshFixer
  • Quick preparation of the platform by drag & drop and automated or manual nesting of the components
  • Parts can be aligned, scaled and copied automatically or manually
  • Critical areas are automatically detected and supported with support structures if necessary
  • Perfect hatching parameters for the recommended powder i-ProMelt

coritec-am100-icam laser

Hybrid process: Post-processing milling technique

The hybrid process allows for a post-processing milling technique with the perfect integration in the LPBF process of the CORiTEC 350i / CORiTEC 650i machines. The end result is outstanding fabricated dental restorations and dental prostheses of the highest quality and precision.


Return of Investment

  • Up to 250 dental units per machining process
  • Up to 500 machining operations per day
  • Construction of complex designs
  • Reduction of physical inventory
  • Reusability of powder material
  • Modern production technology that requires less human labour

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The i-PROMELT powder is a certified and quality-checked powder for the construction of dental applications. It ensures optimum surface quality with a particle size distribution of 10-30 µm. You can build up highly complex frameworks and form a perfect basis for various veneering ceramics.

Delivery & Usage

i-PROMELT is delivered to the customer, ready to start in the proven cartridge. In other words, the customer can feed the material directly into the process without burdensome filling of cylinders or construction chambers of the machines.

i-pro melt powder+imes-icore

Workflow Process


CORiTEC AM100 Workflow diagram

Workflow Insights



Working Process
Working Process
De-powdering + Sieving = Recycling (2 in 1 unpacking and sieving station)
Unpacking Chamber
Unpacking Chamber
Glove intervention for unpacking without direct powder contact
Suction System
Suction System
Integrated connection for external suction system
Material Powder
Material Powder
Cobalt Chrome (CoCr)
Sieving Process
Sieving Process
Ultrasonic sieve
Powder Preparation
Powder Preparation
Reuse through sieved powder in supply cartridge
Residual Disposal
Residual Disposal
Separate for disposal of the oversize powder
Connection and Consumption
Connection and Consumption
  • Power Supply: 230V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Fuse:16A
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions and Weight
  • Width x Depth x Height: 4.3 x 31.1 x 74.8 in / 1100 x 790 x 1900 mm
  • Weight:350 Kg

Hand polishing is a thing of the past.

Automate to increase your productivity.



Technical Specifications


Printing process
Printing process
Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Laser power
Laser power
Production capacity/day
Production capacity/day
Up to 500 units in cobalt-chrome (CoCr)
Building volume
Building volume
Up to 250 dental units
Building plate
Building plate
150 mm x 150 mm
Layer height
Layer height
20 – 80 microns
Focus diameter
Focus diameter
45 μm
Inert gas
Inert gas
CAM Software
CAM Software
iCAM AM Laser