S5 Dental Mill 

The affordable option for high throughput milling

With five simultaneously working axes, a blank changer for 8 blanks, VHF's S5 is engineered for wet and dry machining. You can grind almost any type of glass-ceramics with the add-on wet grinding module. Whether your dental lab's milling and grinding needs are higher or lower, the S5 workhorse is undeniably the perfect solution.

5-axis machine gives you more freedom in milling

PRECISION is the fundamental prerequisite for every milling machine. Like any other VHF machine, S5 has the capability to mill beautiful restorations in ultra HD. The S5 has 5 simultaneously working axes and it is an open-system machine with almost unlimited material accessibility in 98 mm disc format, 38 different block materials and over 800 prefab titanium and cobalt chrome abutment blanks.

S5_zirconium material

Key Features

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  • Automatic changer for 8 discs, 24 blocks or 48 prefab abutments
  • Automatic changer for 16 tools
  • Three ionizers for a cleaner work chamber
  • Quick frame magnetic changer
  • DENTALCAM software included with DIRECTMILL Technology

Proto3000_Icons_Open Source system

Open-source system

  • Almost unlimited material compatibility with 98 mm disc format
  • 38 different block materials
  • Large indication diversity due to the ±30° rotation angle in the 5th axis
  • Available wet grinding module as an add-on
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Stability & Material Accessibility

  • Solid cast-body for limited vibrations
  • Milling of any kind of materials including titanium (Ti), cobalt-chrome (CoCr) and Glass ceramics
Proto3000_micron precision

Extreme Precision

  • Restorations in HD
  • Powerful spindle with 600 watts and 60.000 RPM
  • 3 μm repetition accuracy


  • Non-stop performance with around the clock operation
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Two years warranty
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High performance on a small footprint

  • Slick and modern look
  • Table-top blank changer machine on a small footprint
  • For higher or lower lab production

Key Highlights

5-axis machine

S5 has five simultaneously working axes. While the fourth axis flips the length 360°, the fifth axis has a rotation angle of ±30° which makes it possible for additional freedom in milling. The milling tools can reach difficult areas thus having fewer undercuts to work manually, in particular for implant restorations or full arches. 

vhf S5 rotation angle

Powerful spindle

The S5 has a German-made premium 600-watt spindle with 4-fold ceramic ball-bearings which guarantees the highest concentricity and smooth running. It allows the processing of metals and not only.
The wet-grinding module makes it possible for wet machining of glass ceramics or titanium.

S5_glass-ceramics milling vhf

Robust built

S5 achieves an astounding 3-micron repetition accuracy with a system of high-quality components directly mounted to a heavy and solid aluminum cast chassis.
This prevents vibrations and distortions so it can mill the toughest materials such as cobalt chrome, titanium, and glass ceramics.

vhf S5 aluminum cast chassis

In-house dental tools

VHF manufactures its own dental milling tools whether single or double tooth cutters, radius cutters or mounted points. This reduces the delivery times and a portfolio geared to the requirements of users. The dental milling cutters are made from a superfine grain carbide mixture from German production, characterized by high edge strength and outstanding wear resistance.



VHF dental tools

Quick magnetic frame

Traditionally, the frame for blank discs needs to be manually fixed with screws which is time-consuming. In addition, the risk of overtaking the screws leads to breaking the disc’s ring especially with the translucent zirconia, a super brittle material.  The new magnetic quick frame is extremely convenient and fast: open-insert-close


The tools that create perfect restorations.

Learn more about VHF tools



Material flexibility

  • Almost unlimited material accessibility in 98 mm diameter disc format
  • 38 different block materials
  • More than 800 prefab titanium and cobalt chrome abutment blanks
  • up to 30 mm blanks

dental-materials vhf

Exceptional accuracy

With the highly automated S5 milling and grinding machine that has an 8-station blank changer and a 16-position tool changer, you can have the lab production running around the clock. The repetition accuracy of 3 μm ensures first-class results for every workpiece, and the second rotary axis (B axis) with its tilt angle of up to ± 30 degrees also enables the precise milling of undercuts.


Integrated 3 ionizers

The versatile S5 has 3 integrated ionizers for easy machine cleaning, especially after a PMMA job. The static charge of the acrylic chips like the PMMA, is highly neutralized. The ionized air is distributed by the air nozzles in the working chamber, therefore less time spent on cleaning.


CAM software with DIRECTMIL

S5 comes with DENTALCAM software with DIRECTMIL Technology therefore no license fees are required. Typically a machine does not start until the calculation of the tool path is completed. For faster milling, due to DIRECTMIL the S5 starts working and it keeps milling while the calculation is being finished. 


Wet Grinding Module

You can add at a later date the wet grinding option if your dental lab or clinic requires it. This module consists of an 11-liter water tank, a pump for the water to circulate and a sophisticated triple filter system. The water level is monitored by an ultrasonic sensor and the status is shown on the display in different colours.

VHF-S5-wet grinding tank

Economical & Convenient

  • Material accessibility
  • 5-axis simultaneously working
  • Automatic changer for 8 discs, 24 blocks or 48 prefabricated abutments
  • Automatic changer for 16 tools
  • 3 ionizers
  • Quick frame magnetic holder for easy, tool-free clamping of discs


s5-vhf-blank changer





Cobalt Chrome

WAX / Plastics


Glass ceramics


Technical Specifications



Technical Specs S5 VHF


Base System
Base System
  • Construction: Machine bed made of solid cast aluminum body
  • Housing: Sheet steel housing, white high-gloss lacquer finish with working chamber flap and material changer flap
  • Number of axes: 5
  • Linear Axes X-/Y/Z- axis: Precision ball screws, rolled version · motors with resolution < 1 μm · ground precision guides made of high-alloyed steel · repetition accuracy ± 0.003 mm
  • Rotary A-axis: Backlash-free Harmonic-Drive® with highest concentricity · rotation angle: 360°, infinite
  • Rotary B-axis: Backlash-free Harmonic-Drive® with highest concentricity · angle of rotation: ± 35° · axis arrangement in the workpiece
  • Control unit: 5-axis simultaneous control electronics with continuous path progression and dynamic pre-calculation
  • Lighting: RGB LED lighting with status display in the working chamber and in the blank changer
  • Camera System: Integrated in the working chamber for easy remote support and possibility of internal recording
  • General: High-frequency spindle, synchronous with pneumatic tool clamping, sealing air to prevent debris from entering and automatic cone cleaning
  • Speed: Up to 60,000 rpm
  • Power: Peak power (Pmax): 600 watts · nominal power (S6): 450 watts · continuous power (S1): 300 watts
  • Bearing: 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearing · concentricity deviation at inner cone < 3 μm
  • Collet: Stainless steel collet for tools with 3 mm shank diameter and max. 40 mm total length
Connection Requirements
Connection Requirements
  • Compressed air: 6 bar: 60 l/min up to 8 bar: 73 l/min · air purity according to ISO 8573-1:2010
  • Power: 00-240 volts · 50/60 Hz, 850 watts
  • Extraction system: Filter class M, 3000 l/min extraction capacity at 220 hPA
  • Data: USB connection