Flexcera™ Base

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Flexcera™ Base

Create beautiful, functional dentures with ceramic-like strength

Flexcera Base™ is a light-curable resin for the fabrication of high-impact and removable denture bases. It's an FDA 510(k) Cleared Class 2 Medical Device indicated for the fabrication of denture bases in dental laboratories for full removable dentures and formulated exclusively for use with the Einstein or EnvisionTEC™ 3D printers.

High-Impact and Built for a Lasting Smile

Flexcera™ is a new FDA-approved resin used by professionals in the dental industry to create beautiful, functional dentures with ceramic-like strength produced at 3D printed speed.

denture_closeupFlexcera base

Feel the Flexcera™ Difference




  • High fracture resistance, three times more resistant to fracture than select competitive resins
  • Moisture resistance to prevent staining or discoloration, two times more resistant than a leading competitive formulation


  • An overall natural aesthetic that offers lifelike tooth translucency and a natural-looking smile
  • Designed to be 3D printed fast with cDLP (Continuous Digital Light Projection) technology

Long Chain Chemistry 

The Flexcera formulation provides ceramic-like strength designed for long-term use. 

3d printing material long-chain chemistry

∼ 3x More Resistant to Fracture

Fracture Properties_Flexcera Smile

∼ 2x More Resistant to Moisture

Flexcera Smile Water Absorption

Say goodbye to brittleness and poor aesthetics.

Say hello to Flexcera™ and beautiful smiles.




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