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Flexcera™ Smile

Create Unforgettable Smiles with 3D Printed Teeth

Flexcera™ Smile is a light-curable 3D printing resin engineered to produce artificial teeth for dentures. With variable translucency, ceramic-like strength, and 2X the moisture-resistance of competing products, you can produce digital dentures that your patients love. Part of the Flexcera™ digital denture resin solution formulated exclusively for use with Einstein and EnvisionTEC® 3D printers.

Enabled by Chemistry,

Crafted with 3D Printing

Flexcera™ Smile is a biocompatible healthcare resin for 3D printing beautiful, high-impact artificial teeth with ceramic-like strength and variable translucency. Its synthesized long-chain chemistry and polymerization process with a high-powered 385nm projector produces tightly crosslinked polymers that translate into strength and a higher quality denture for your patient. With up to 2X more moisture resistance than competing 3D printing resins on the market and a range of shades to choose from, Flexcera™ will reinvent the way your lab or clinic produces dentures.

flexcera base and smile-desktop health

Feel the Flexcera™ Difference




  • 2x Moisture resistance to prevent staining or discoloration
  • An overall natural aesthetic that offers lifelike tooth translucency and a natural-looking smile


  • Same-day digital dental denture solution 
  • 3D print up to eight customized Flexcera dentures in less than two hours when using EnvisionTEC cDLP 3D printers

Long Chain Chemistry 

The Flexcera formulation provides ceramic-like strength designed for long-term use. 

3d printing material long-chain chemistry

∼ 3x More Resistant to Fracture

Fracture Properties_Flexcera Smile

∼ 2x More Resistant to Moisture

Flexcera Smile Water Absorption

3D Printing with Flexcera™

Say goodbye to brittleness and poor aesthetics.

Say hello to Flexcera™ and beautiful smiles.




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