R5 Dental Mill 

High-end dental restorations with the speed and efficiency of automation

The VHF R5 5-axis dental mill is an automated solution for wet and dry milling designed to tackle a range of dental applications with reliability and precision. With an impressive 150 kg of weight on a minimal footprint and a repetition accuracy of the linear axes of ±0.003 mm the VHF R5 delivers ultra HD accuracy in a space that works for your lab.

Unrivaled Wet & Dry Machining

Whether you are a dental clinic or lab, with the R5 from VHF Germany, you can simply process everything, 24 hours a day. R5 is a 5-axis system, designed and engineered to be fast and effortlessly between wet and dry machining. Thanks to the DirectClean™ Technology*, the R5 cleans and dries itself between jobs due to a groundbreaking package that includes an ionizer, self-cleaning and built-in dryer. Moreover, the unique material loading with DirectDisc™ Technology* of the changer with up to ten discs saves you valuable time.




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Key Features

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• DirectClean™ Technology*
• DirectDisc™ Technology*
• The automatic changer holds up to 10 discs, 60 blocks or 60 prefab abutment blanks.
• No need for "meso" blocks as the R5 can drill screw access channels.

Proto3000_micron precision

Highest precision

• Restorations in ultra HD
• 800 watts power spindle and 80,000 RPM
• 3 microns repetition accuracy


Material accessibility

R5 works with a broad range of materials on the market, including cobalt chrome and titanium.

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Wet & Dry Milling and Grinding

5-axis wet & dry processing



• Comprehensive sensor technology to monitor all vital system functions
• Webcam in the working chamber for remote monitoring

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Robust construction

• Machine bed of massive aluminum cast
• 300 lbs. high-tech on a small footprint

Key Highlights

Maximum automation

R5 can process without interruption up to 10 discs or 60 blocks or abutments. With a tenfold blank changer for wet and dry milling and grinding, the R5 brings revolutionary approaches to the production of dental prostheses. The R5 disc changer is a robot arm with a pneumatic gripper for swift changing. The removable tool magazine holds 16 tools and the tool changer does not require user intervention.


Utmost accuracy

The R5 with linear axes X-/Y-/Z-axis swivels the high-frequency spindle (B axis) by up to ±35°, therefore the workpiece holder only needs one moving axis (A axis). This makes the entire system gain stability and have the lowest vibration operation. The repetition of the linear axes of ±0.003 mm ensures a unique precision in ultra HD.

R5_mill and grind Zirconium-vhf

Material accessibility

VHF’s R5 covers the broadest range of materials in 98 mm disc format, 38 block materials, and over 800 titanium and chrome-cobalt prefab abutment blanks.

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Powerful and Robust

R5, with 800 watts of power and 80,000 RPM, is entirely engineered and manufactured in Germany for higher dental lab productivity with proven industrial quality.

It mills the toughest materials on the market including titanium (Ti) and cobalt-chrome (CoCr).


Game-Changing Technology

Thanks to the DirectClean™ Technology, the R5 is equipped with an ionizer that reduces the static charge from human agents, self-cleaning, and a built-in dryer making it extremely easy to maintain and operate, thus saving significant labour time.




  • High-speed spindle & superfast milling strategies for restorations in no-time
  • Wide range of materials that are easy to load
  • R5 has the ability to drill screw access channels so that you don’t have to keep a double inventory of regular and pre-milled blocks
  • R5 grinds and mills with clear water, no additives needed (except for titanium)

R5-VHF-wet and dry mill

The tools that create perfect restorations.

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Cobalt Chrome (CoCr)

WAX / Plastics


Glass ceramics


Technical Specifications

VHF R5 Technical Specifications

Included VHF DentalCAD software - no annual license fee needed
Dimensions (W/D/H)
Dimensions (W/D/H)
580 × 600 × 700 mm with closed flap
580 × 720 × 880 mm with open flap
150 kg
Construction base
Construction base
Machine bed made of solid cast aluminum body
Sheet steel, white high-gloss lacquer finish with working chamber door and flap combination for blank changer/cooling liquid tank
Number of axes
Number of axes
5 (five)
Linear axes X-/Y-/Z-axis
Linear axes X-/Y-/Z-axis
  • Precision ball screws, rolled version
  • Motors with resolution < 1 μm
  • Ground precision guides made of high-alloy steel
  • Repetition accuracy ± 0.003 mm
Rotary axis A-axis
Rotary axis A-axis
  • Backlash-free Harmonic-Drive® with highest concentricity
  • Rotation angle: 360°, infinite
Rotary axis B-axis
Rotary axis B-axis
  • Precision ball screw with rotary transmission
  • Angle of rotation: ± 35°
  • Axis arrangement in the tool
Control unit
Control unit

  • 5-axis simultaneous control electronics with continuous path progression and dynamic pre-calculation
  • Hardware-based real-time operating system with standardized command set
  • FPGA-integrated processor
  • Updateable hardware
  • Real-time path calculation via dedicated hardware engines in the FPGA
  • Four-quadrant control of the motors for particularly smooth-running
  • Multiple analogue and digital I/Os for controlling the peripherals
  • Integrated inverter for synchronous and asynchronous motors, electronic gate detection
  • Ethernet and USB interface
RGB LED lighting with status display
Camera system
Camera system
Integrated in the working chamber for easy remote support and possibility of internal recording
Spindle power
Spindle power
  • Peak power (Pmax): 800 watts
  • Nominal power (S6): 600 watts
  • Continuous power (S1): 440 watts
4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearing · concentricity deviation at inner cone < 3 μm
Stainless steel collet with ceramic coating for tools with a shank diameter of 3 mm and max. 40 mm total length
Connection requirements
Connection requirements
Compressed air
6 bar · 100 l/min · 8 bar · 110 l/min · Air purity according to ISO 8573-1:2010

100-240 volts · 50/60 Hz, 750 watts

Extraction System
Filter class M, 3500 l/min extraction capacity at 220 hPA

10/100/1000 Mbit/s BaseT port (auto-sensing) Ethernet via RJ-45 socket
Operating temperature
Operating temperature
Between 10 °C and 35 °C