Z4 Chairside Dental Mill

Chairside dental mill built for same-day dentistry

The VHF Z4 dental mill is a groundbreaking tool for same-day digital dentistry. The system offers the accuracy, reliability, material spectrum, and ease of use dentists need for restorations in just one session. Mill and grind with the Z4 in Ultra HD for perfect results and connect with popular software and intraoral scanners for a complete end-to-end workflow.

Designed for a Chairside Digital Workflow

The VHF Z4 was designed from the ground up to be a dental milling solution that can deliver same-day dentistry and an improved patient experience with high-quality restorations in just one session.
This mill is compatible with all established scanners and design software and it has a fully integrated workflow with 3Shape®, DWOS® chairside (dental Wings) and Exocad ChairsideCAD* allowing it to easily fit into a complete digital workflow. 


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Seamless digital workflow

Integrated workflow with 3Shape, Exocad & Dental Wings


Highest precision

Milling and grinding in Ultra-HD & 3 microns repetition accuracy


A wide range of material options

38 block materials from 20 manufacturers – and growing
800+ prefab titanium abutment blanks from 11 manufacturers

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Intraoral Scanners Compatibility

Compatible with most of the intraoral scanners recognized by the dental industry.

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Fast milling times

• Restorations in under 10 minutes
• 100.000 rpm electrical spindle
• 2-second block mountain

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• Flexibility in materials and intraoral scanners
• Fast milling times
• Open to all IOS & CAD software
• High accuracy of dental milling

Benefits and Advantages

Highest Precision & Fastest Production

  • Milling and grinding in Ultra-HD
  • Proven industrial quality
  • 3 microns repetition accuracy
  • Restorations in under 10 minutes
  • 2-second block insertion
  • 100,000 RPM electrical high-frequency spindle

z4-block-insertion VHF

Maximum Independence

  • 38 block materials
  • 800+ prefab titanium abutment blanks
  • Compatible with all established scanners and design software
  • CAM software included
  • Integrated PC with touch screen, which means that no laptop/desktop is required
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows for positioning the mill wherever you want in your dental office
  • Built-in compressed air


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Intelligent and Intuitive

Z4 uses different size tools

  • Automatic changer for 6 tools with haptic tool length detection and tool breakage monitoring
  • 5 tool changer inserts (6 tools each) coded for different applications or materials
  • Color-coded tool magazines

Z4 screw mill access channel

Cost Saving and Performance

  • Widest choice of materials
  • Flexibility in intraoral scanners
  • Seamless workflow due to Z4’s integration with 3Shape™, DWOS Chairside™ and Exocad ChairsideCAD™
  • Z4 doesn’t require additives as it purely operates with clear water
  • Z4 can mill even titanium abutments due to its sturdy build.
    • Produce your titanium implant abutments with the use of prefab abutment blanks. For hybrid implant restorations such as a screw-retained crown or hybrid abutments, standard blocks can be used, as the Z4 drills the screw channel itself
  • All blocks with the most commonly used CEREC® or universal mandrel can be loaded into the Z4

Z4-titanium abutment

Smart. Silent. Sturdy 

  • Z4 reminds you and gives detailed instructions on cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy-cleaning coating
    • The inside of the milling chamber is coated with non-stick paint that lets the water just drip off.
  • Noise reduction. Silent mode is available.
    • Extra thick layers of sound-absorbing foam around the milling chamber helps to reduce noise
  • Massive machine bed of aluminum cast to minimize vibrations and distortions
  • Finely balanced spindle
  • State-of-the-art controller


Zf aluminum cast chassis


Safe Operation

  • Z4 checks if the right tool magazine is loaded
  • It measures the blocks to ensure that the right size is being loaded
  • One cannot open the mill during operation due to its patient protection lock mode
  • A service camera is incorporated so that the service technicians can review the recorded video stream



WAX / Plastics


Glass Ceramics




Technical Specifications

VHF Z4 Technical Specifications

Machine bed of massive aluminum cast
Number of axes
Number of axes
Precise ball screw spindles for the 3 linear axes · motor resolution < 1 μm · ground steel precision guide rails
Repetition accuracy linear axes
Repetition accuracy linear axes
± 0.003 mm
Complete encapsulation of the working chamber with integrated sound insulation · Automatically lockable front cover
Working chamber illumination/camera system
Working chamber illumination/camera system
2 RGB LED with status indication · integrated camera for support purposes
Rotary axes
Rotary axes
A axis: highest true running accuracy · rotation range: 200°
Rotary axes - Fixing device
Rotary axes - Fixing device
For 1 block with round shank up to 45 × 20 × 20 mm
Simultaneous axis control · feed: 0.003 mm/s to 45 mm/s (per linear axis)
Integrated CAM calculator
Integrated CAM calculator
Intel® Atom™ E3950, 4 kernels, 1.60 – 2.00 GHz, 8 GB RAM · additional HDMI display interface · Wi-Fi
5-inch touchscreen display integrated into the front cover
Rotational speed range up to 100,000 RPM · Peak power (Pmax): 340 Watt · nominal power under periodic operation (S6): 220 Watt · nominal power under continuous operation (S1): 170 Watt · hybrid ceramic ball bearing · concentricity deviation at the inner taper of the precision shaft < 2 μm · sealing air prevents entering of debris or moisture in the bearing area · cone cleaning
No compressor needed
Power supply
Power supply
100 – 240 Volt · 50/60 Hz, max. 750 Watt
RJ45 socket for Ethernet or integrated Wi-Fi
Delivery package included
Delivery package included
5 × tool magazines (in the drawer) incl. accessories · power cord · Ethernet network cable (type: straight) · spindle service set · blank holder service set · measuring pin · drill for tool positions (2.8 mm) · calibration set: 1 micrometer,
5 blanks for the production of test and calibration bodies · cleaning set · spare wiper for inspection window · filter service set · printed operating instructions · carrying aid for the transport of the machine · tools for user-replaceable wear parts