KeyPrint® KeyGuard®

Keystone Industries

Biocompatible photopolymer resin for custom-made athletic mouthguards.

The material properties of KeyGuard contribute to enhanced functionality, comfort, and protection offered by 3D printed sports guards. KeyGuard allows dental clinics and labs to produce a custom mouthguard molded to the individual athlete, enhancing comfort and safety.

Surpass traditional thermoformed mouthguards with KeyGuard.

Developed with a proprietary formulation, KeyGuard provides superior strength and durability to ensure longevity and resilience for athletes even during intense sports activities. By using advanced digital 3D scanning and printing with KeyGuard, you can eliminate the need for manual molding and thermoforming, cut labour costs, and reduce storage requirements and consumables. 

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Image shows 2 athletes mouthguards in white and black that are 3d-printed with KEyGuard


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DLP 3D Printing

KeyGuard is designed for additive manufacturing in vat polymerization 3D printers utilizing wavelengths between 385nm-405nm

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Comfort & Durability

Enhanced tear strength and water absorption properties to withstand the rigors of athletic use..

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Cytotoxicity / Sensitization / Irritation passed

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Available in Black & White

Powered by Vat-Photopolymerisation

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Material Properties

KeyGuard. The better choice than traditional mouthguards

  • Protection: The effectiveness of protecting against dental injuries during sports activities is enhanced by the impact strength and resistance properties of KeyGuard, thus reducing the likelihood of tooth fractures and oral trauma.
  • Comfort: The combination of KeyPrint 3D printing technology, which allows for precise customization, along with the ideal balance of hardness and flexibility in KeyGuard, ensures a comfortable fit that athletes can wear comfortably for extended durations without hindering breathing or speech.
  • Durability: KeyGuard’s superior tear strength and water absorption capabilities enable it to endure the demands of athletic activities, minimizing the necessity for frequent replacements.
  • Performance: KeyGuard utilizes material characteristics such as tensile cyclic hysteresis and tensile elongation at break to absorb and disperse energy during repetitive stresses.

Technical Specifications



Selected Method
Tear Strength
ASTM D624-00 30 kN/m      
ASTM D2240-00, 25C @ 0 sec 75 - 90 A      
Impact Strength
ISO 179-1 27.5 kJ/m2      
Impact Resistance
ISO 179-1 220 j/m      
Water Sorption
ASTM D570 @ 3hr 5.7%      
Tensile Cyclic Hysteresis
Energy returned @ 25C
Energy lost @ 25C
Elongation at Break
ASTM D638 130%      
Liquid Viscosity
Internal 900 cP      
ISO 10993-5, Cytotoxicity
ISO 10993-10, Sensitization
ISO 10993-23, Irritation

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