KeyPrint® Dental 3D  Printing Resins

KeyPrint 3D printing resins are designed for the dental and orthodontic industry. With biocompatible properties and production-grade strengths, KeyPrint is the standard in quality and performance. With Keystone and DLP 3D printers you can tackle a range of applications, including modeling, surgical guides, investment molds, and occlusal splints. Join the digital dentistry revolution and start 3D printing with improved quality, efficiency, perofmrance, and profitability.

Keystone KeyPrint

KeyPrint® KeyGuard®

Biocompatible photopolymer resin for custom-made athletic mouthguards.

KeyPrint® KeyCast®

Perfect for ash-free investment casting

KeyPrint® KeyGuide®

3D print transparent and accurate surgical guides

KeyPrint® KeyMask

Gingival mask material used for simulating gum tissue

KeyPrint® KeyModel Ultra™

High-performance, next-gen dental and orthodontic models

KeyPrint® KeyModel®

Perfect for general use dental models

KeyPrint® KeyOrtho IBT™

Manufacture highly-precise indirect bonding trays

KeyPrint® KeyOrthoModel®

Create models for thermoforming aligners

KeyPrint® KeySplint Hard™

Provide Bruxism Therapy with Rigid Dental Splints

KeyPrint® KeySplint Soft™

3D print bite splints, night guards, and bleaching trays

KeyPrint® KeyTray™

Create strong and biocompatible impression trays