Formlabs Form 4B Dental

A blazing-fast dental 3D printer that offers the most diverse materials library for dentistry and orthodontics

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Our solutions portfolio of 3D printers, dental mills, 3D scanners, software, advanced materials, and expert advice can transform your dental lab or clinic with a seamless, open, and integrated workflow.

Introducing Flexcera™

A new DLP 3D printing resin for the fabrication of beautiful, functional dentures with ceramic-like strength. Available as Flexcera™ Smile and Flexcera™ Base and formulated exclusively for use with
ETEC® 3D printers.

DLP 3D Printers Built for Dentistry

Explore our range of high-performance dental 3D printers
designed for applications from the clinic to the lab.

Automate Polishing with DLyte

Dry-electropolishing technology enables quick and cost-effective post-processing of fixed, removable, and implant prosthetics

Dental Mills

The latest and most precise machines for your compact or heavy duty dental labs.

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Explore our end-to-end solutions for digital dentistry.


Digitize Your Workflow

Work with our team of digital dentistry experts to develop a digital workflow for a wide range of dental applications

dental 3d printing milling applications fixed restorations

Fixed Restorations

Including 3D printed or milled crowns, bridges, onlay, inlay, veneers, and implant bars

milled implant restorations abutments

Implant Restorations

Including bars, abutments, and abutment crowns

3d printed or milled digital dentures


Including 3D printed or milled dentures, removable partial dentures (RPDs), night guards, and bite splints

dental 3d printing milling surgical guides applications guided surgery

Guided Surgery

Including implant planning and 3D printed biocompatible surgical guides

keyortho ibt keystone keyprint 3D printing resin


Including clear aligners, indirect bonding trays, and ortho appliances

Education and Training

Typodonts, realistic teeth, gum simulation, study models, and training models

treatment planning and surgical simulation

Treatment Planning and Visualization

Including software tools for visualization, simulation, digital archiving, surgical planning, diagnostics, and maxillofacial