Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

scheftner starbond metal 3d printing additive manufacturing powder for lpbf slm

Starbond CoS Powder 30

S&S Scheftner® Starbond CoS Powder 30 Material Safety Data Sheet

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DLP (Digital Light Processing)

Image shows a build tray of 3D-printed mouth guards with Smile Guard resin


Please check the material safety datasheet for SmileGuard before use.

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e-aquamodel-desktop health

E-Aqua Model

Desktop Health’s E-Aqua Model photopolymer used for the production of high-accuracy orthodontic models allows an environmentally friendly cleaning process by using only water. Check this material safety data sheet before starting the 3D printing process.

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e-partial-desktop health


E-Partial by Desktop Health is a castable material photopolymer developed to produce delicate partial frameworks with thin features and some flexibility.

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e-denstone-desktop health


E-Denstone is a dental material developed for the manufacturing of high-resolution dental models.

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press-e-cast-Desktop health

Press E-Cast

Press E-Cast is a wax-filled photopolymer used for the production of full anatomical crowns and bridges.

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e-guard-desktop health


E-Guard is an FDA-approved biocompatible resin, crystal clear material for the production of accurate splints and retainers.

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e-guide-desktop health


E-Guide is an FDA-certified Class I material and approved by Health Canada. It was developed for the production of high-precision surgical drill guides for use in implant surgery.

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Model Z background - desktop health proto3000

Model Z

Model Z by Desktop Health is an ideal dental 3D printing resin for orthodontic applications where speed, fit, and cost are paramount. Designed for Desktop Health and ETEC DLP 3D printers.

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desktop health model x dental 3D printing resin

Model X

You can achieve exceptionally detailed 3D printed dental models with Model X, an extraordinary photopolymer dental resin. Its 50-micron build layer allows for exceptionally detailed crowns, bridges with removable dies, implant cases and diagnostic and orthodontic models.

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Flexcera™ Smile

Flexcera™ Smile is a light-curable 3D printing resin engineered to produce artificial teeth for dentures. With variable translucency, ceramic-like strength, and 2X the moisture-resistance of competing products, you can produce digital dentures that your patients love

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Desktop Health envisiontec flexcera base 3D printing resin for denture bases

Flexcera™ Base

Flexcera™ Base is a light-curable resin for the fabrication of high-impact and removable denture bases.

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E-Dent-Monolithic-Dentures-for-smile ultra plus

Flexcera™ Smile Ultra+

A next-generation hybrid nanoceramic resin FDA 510(k) Class 2 cleared for a wide range of permanent and temporary dental restorations.

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