E4 Dental Mill

Precision and ease of use in a compact design

The vhf E4 is an innovative dental milling machine that simplifies same-day dentistry. With a weight of only 28 kg and no need for compressed air, it offers maximum flexibility in installation. The E4 is an all-rounder for blocks, allowing you to wet grind glass ceramics or composites and dry mill materials such as zirconia and PMMA. It also comes with integrated CAM software that enables you to get started right away. Experience the E4 and take your chairside workflow to the next level.

Dental Restorations in
One Session.

The E4 dental milling machine from vhf Inc. is a game-changer for dental professionals looking to streamline their restorative procedures. With the ability to produce high-quality dental restorations in just one session, the E4 offers a level of convenience and efficiency that was previously unavailable. Its compact and flexible design allows for easy installation in any workspace, while the innovative CAM software makes it easy to get started with chairside production

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image showing dental milling of block with vhf E4 machine




  • 100% developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Optimum manufacturing results and high durability with only premium quality industrial components
  • 24-month guarantee
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Production costs saved from:

  • sustainable operation with no compressed air
  • PUREWATER technology ensures no grinding additives
  • integrated DENTALCAM software with no license fees.
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Fast & Precise

  • 800 W/60,000 rpm spindle
  • 3 μm repeatition accuracy
  • Sturdy aluminum welded construction


No compressed air is required, thanks to the patent-pending AIRTOOL.

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Materials Versatility

E4 grinds and mills almost all glass ceramics, composites, zirconia and plastic material blocks up to 45 mm long.

Intraoral Scanners Compatibility

Any intraoral scanners can be used in E4's workflow.

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Efficient & Easy to Use

Unpack, Connect and start milling with E4.

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Light Weight

Machine design optimized for a minimal weight of only 28 Kg.

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Environmental Friendly

Environmentally friendly shipping due to low weight of the machine.

The tools that create perfect restorations.

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Simple Chairside Workflow

The E4 simplifies chairside production of dental restorations. You have the flexibility to integrate your preferred intraoral scanners, CAD software, and materials, while the E4’s integrated CAM software enables you to start milling right away.

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The all-rounder for blocks

E4 can wet grind glass ceramics or composites with ceramic content and dry mill materials such as zirconia and PMMA. In addition, you can benefit from easy switching by inserting the tank for wet processing or the optional container for machining dust to start processing high-quality restorations. A special filter mat in the liquid tank ensures the tank is chippings-free.



Compressed-air free operation

Like the E5 model, E4 does not use compressed air. There’s no need for an external compressed air connection or integrated compressor, thanks to vhf’s patent-pending AIRTOOL. Its turbine blades use the speed of the high-frequency spindle to generate a powerful airflow, which keeps the workpiece free from dust and chippings. They are removed by vacuum from a dust collector.


image showing dental milled block with E4 machine

image showing dental milled block with E4 machine

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Wet Grinding

PUREWATER Technology ensures that the closed liquid circuit in the machine requires no grinding additives. This translates into easy disposal and even lower running costs.


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Dry Milling

The optional dry container allows you to mill materials such as zirconia, PMMA and various composites with your E4 without cooling water or compressed air.


Unpack. Connect & Start Mill. 

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image showing wet grinding of dental block with E4 from vhf

Image showing dry milling with E4 dental mill from vhf


Materials & Dental Indications

With vhf’s E4 dental mill, you can pick the materials of your choice. It grinds and mills a full range of materials for glass ceramics, composites, zirconia and PMMA – blocks up to 45 x 20 x 20 mm. 

Technical Specifications

vhf-e4-technical specs

Sturdy aluminum welded structure
  • White-gloss lacquer finish
  • Upward opening lift door to the workroom
Number of Axes
Number of Axes
Four (4)
Linear Axes X-/Y-/Z-axis
Linear Axes X-/Y-/Z-axis
Precision ball screws
  • Motors with resolution < 1 micron
  • Ground precision guides made of high-alloyed steel
  • Repetition accuracy ± 0.003 mm
  • Rotary Axis
    Rotary Axis
    Rotation angle: +190° to –10°
    Backlit workspace through RGB LED lighting with status indication
    • High-frequency spindle with electromechanical tool change
    • Up to 60,000 rpm
    • Peak power (Pmax): 800 watts; Nominal power: 400 watts; Continuous power (S1): 300 watts
    • Bearing: 2-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearing
    • Collet: For tools with 3 mm shank diameter and max. 40 mm total length
    Tool Change
    Tool Change
    • Removable tool magazine for 6 tools with additional space for one AIRTOOL
    • Length measurement and tool breakage monitoring via precision measuring key
    • Access via working chamber flap, safety-locked
    Access combination Compartment
    Access combination Compartment
    Direct insertion of the coolant tank or (optional) dry container in the compartment directly under the working chamber
    Processing Modes
    Processing Modes
    • 2 fluid nozzles on the spindle
    • Integrated cooling liquid tank
    • PUREWATER Technology, no grinding additives required

    • Compressed air-free operation through the use of AIRTOOLs
    • Hose connection for external suction unit on the back of the housing
    • 24 V switch output for controlling suction units
    • optional dry container required
    Connection Requirements
    Connection Requirements
    Power supply: 100 - 240 volts; 50/60 Hz; 500 watts