Surface Treatment

DLyte Dental Compact Series

Automate the polishing of casted, sintered, milled, and 3D printed metal parts

The innovative DLyte machines are engineered for surface finishing of metal alloys including titanium, based on the patented DryLyte technology. This technology allows the grinding, rounding, and deburring as well as surface smoothing and high gloss polishing of any casting, sintered or milling metal parts such as dental skeletals, spacers, implants, and orthodontic brackets.

DLyte Desktop Dental

Accessible and affordable metal surface finishing

The DLyte Dental system is a compact metal surface finishing machine powered by DLyte dry electropolishing technology. Small to medium-sized dental and orthodontic labs can now smooth and polish dental appliances like removable partial dentures, bars, and crowns, in-house with an automated workflow. From grinding to smoothing to mirror finishing, the DLyte Desktop Dental system will simplify your metal post-processing and leave you with stunning metal devices.