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DCD Dental Consulting Builds Leadership and becomes a Knowledge Powerhouse

“The Objet Eden260V 3D printer is completely integrated in our lab with 3Shape Trios intraoral scanners and Model Builder software, giving us a complete and highly productive workflow” – Markus Dohrn

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To stay competitive in the industry, dental laboratories offer a range of solutions. By switching to digital solutions, dental labs can better embrace this challenge with the improved production efficiency and cost-savings amongst new business opportunities.

DCD Dental Consulting Laboratories serves as a full-service laboratory and consulting company. With the help of Stratasys’ Objet 3D printers, the company expanded its business offerings in months and built a strong reputation for digital dentistry knowledge and services.

The Challenge

The combination of 3D printing and CAD/CAM technology allows dental labs to work quickly and cost-effectively with both mass production models and individually customized models. With the streamlined workflow and high quality product, businesses are able to generate more leads and more revenue. Markus Dohrn, General Manager at DCD Dental Consulting writes, “With today’s economy, dental laboratories are increasingly turning to digital technologies to safeguard their competitiveness and expand their opportunities . . . We believe that any dental lab considering advancing into digital should do so quickly.”

DCD Dental sought to adapt towards going digital in order to stay competitive. Dorhn says, “It became imperative to have a fast and productive system that could provide attractive digital services and products of high quality.” With Stratasys’ flexible 3D printing solutions, DCD was able to move beyond traditionally produced models for veneers, crowns, bridges and implants. As demand for digitally produced dental models increased, DCD needed to capitalize on the market trend and the increase in business opportunities.

The Solution

DCD Dental Consulting invested in the Objet Eden260V 3D printer from Stratasys and quickly found the advantages of this technology. With the radical increase in manufacturing workflow, the company was able to not only create a better and accurate product but also reduce the time needed for the entire process. Used in conjunction with CAD/CAM imaging, the company leverages its digital dentistry expertise to integrate smoothly with the market’s leading dental restoration manufacturing solutions.

The Value

Dohrn says, “The Objet models are highly accurate and predictable, and they reliably deliver a perfect fit and occlusion on the physical model, producing aesthetic results . . . We are proud of our high rates of customer satisfaction and loyal returning customers. Manufacturing dental models using our Objet 3D printer has contributed increased speed, consistency and accuracy- and enabled a new cost-effective business model.”

With the Objet 3D printer, DCD Dental Consulting has evolved into a modern dental solution provider. It has integrated printer with 3Shape Trios intraoral scanners and Model Builder software to create a completely digital workflow for in-house fabrication of models. With efficient in-house manufacturing and many new indication possibilities, DCD Dental Consulting now offers a greater variety of dental solutions to its dentist clients, while also pursuing new business opportunities to power ongoing growth.