APEX Achieves Complete Digital Workflow with 3D Printing

“The day has arrived when everything from scheduling to finished restoration can be handled digitally.”- Chris Brown

Crowning Glory

APEX Dental Milling Center has been one of the early adopters for CAD/CAM technology for producing dental parts. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company used in-house 3D printing to replace their previous methods of outsourcing production to CNC machining shops. The switch to digital has given APEX the flexibility of lower prices and faster delivery times without comprising their quality of work to their customers.

The Challenge

Traditionally, dental technicians have been relying on their steady hands and trained eyes to prepare dental structures such as bridges, crowns, inlays, veneers and frameworks. This manual process is not only time-consuming and allows for human error but also uses materials that often lack the aesthetic finish and durability.

Dental companies are now transitioning to digital production and practices with the help of 3D printers. This new technology provides access to new, industrially prefabricated and controlled materials that are higher in quality and reproducibility. With this in mind, APEX has acknowledged the advantages of 3D printing technology and looked to Stratasys’ machines to stay competitive in the marketplace.

The Solution

Using Stratasys’ Objet Eden260V, APEX Dental Milling Center has experienced higher accuracy and a superior finish on their models that are being produced faster than ever.

APEX’s staff quickly learned how to take advantage of the Objet’s speed and was able to produce models with exceptional accuracy and a detailed surface finish. Printed models were both predictable and consistent, providing a perfect fit with the physical model.

The Value

With Stratasys’ 3D printing solution, APEX Dental Milling center has now embraced a fully digital workflow that includes scanning and restoration alongside 3D model printing. The sped up workflow takes full advantage of CAD/CAM technology to produce restorations and precise models less time than conventional methods. The high-speed manufacturing and efficient, multi-case processing capabilities of the Objet 3D printer increases productivity, time and revenue for APEX- resulting in an excellent cost per-case.