Remedent Grows its Cosmetic Dentistry Business with 3D Printing

“Objet 3D Printing Systems have the potential to change the way modern dentistry is practiced. 3D printed models are among our tools to design those irresistible smiles.”- Guy De Vreese, Remedent

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Remedent, a dental products development company, prides themselves on creating safe and efficient solutions for both dentists and patients. They use CAD/CAM imaging technology to develop and manufacture new procedures and solutions for dentists; their cosmetic dentistry products hold a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality on the cutting edge of technology.

The Challenge

Dental veneers are a way for patients with stained, misshaped, chipped or misaligned teeth to achieve a beautiful smile that is both affordable and painless. GlamSmile, Redement’s smile transformation program revolutionizes the traditional method of implementing dental veneers. The GlamSmile system is guided by computer imaging and design and uses a proprietary veneer assembly technique with a single-motion placement tray. Using CAD/CAM technology, the delivery system lets dentists seat 10 ultra-thin, custom veneers within an hour or less while preserving the patient’s tooth structure.

A key advantage of GlamSmile is its ability to bring simple, fast seating of a full arch of veneers in one smooth movement. In comparison, traditional methods placed one veneer at a time which caused discomfort to the patient. GlamSmile creates a beautiful smile using veneers in quick and comfortable fashion for both the patient and the dentist.

With this great proprietary technology running GlamSmile, Remedent decided to accelerate their growth and streamline their business by investing in a 3D printing system that could enable faster output without compromising the high standard of quality that people know them for. Manufacturing dental veneer models from their proprietary software and a 3D printer would bring a significant increase in productivity without requiring an expensive expansion of Remedent’s staff and facilities.

The Solution

Stratasys’ Objet Eden500V 3D printer proved to be a perfect fit at Remedent with the ability to print finely detailed veneer models with great layer resolution and a smooth surface finish. The parts are constructed to be bio-compatible, cold-sterilized and display amazing deal and surface finishes.

With the Objet 3D printer, Remedent takes a huge leap forward towards a fully digital dental solution combined with the initiative to lead the market in dental veneer solutions.

The Results

3D printing technology taps a multi-billion dollar international growth market by making dental veneers less painful, costly and time-consuming for patients and dentists. With the Objet Eden500V from Stratasys, Remedent adapts a fully digital workflow that allows them provide a greater variety of cosmetic dental solutions to their customers- creating new business opportunities and growth.