Oratio B.V.

Digital Dentistry Provides Faster, More Accurate Implants

“We have increased productivity and gained the ability to provide many new restoration types to attract more orders.” – Siebe van der Zel, Oratio B.V.

Perfect Fit

Dental implants have been the go-to solution for restoring missing teeth for many years and used to comprise of invasive and time-consuming surgical procedures. Placement wasn’t highly accurate as it is now because it was based mostly on guesswork. With 3D printing, it is now possible for dental implants to supplant missing teeth with extreme precision, minimum discomfort and a beautiful aesthetic. Many lab professionals have acknowledged that dental models are not only faster but more cost-friendly, reliable and accurate with 3D printing technology.

The Challenge

Based in the Netherlands, Oratio B.V. was an early adopter of CAD/CADM design technology for producing dental restorations from CAD imagery.

They needed a 3D printer so that they could work more efficiently without sacrificing the quality of their models.

The Solution

With the Objet Eden260V 3D Printer from Stratasys, Oratio was able to deliver dental models at a faster rate and with lower costs compared to traditional CNC milling methods. The printer produces dental models with highly accurate details and an outstanding surface finish, winning over Oratio’s customers. With the Objet 3D printer, non-technicians at Oratio were introduced into the manufacturing workspace, allowing dental technicians to focus on higher-level tasks which resulted in an overall increase in productivity in the company.

The Value

Siebe van der Zel, Oratio’s COO writes, “We have increased productivity and gained the ability to produce many new restoration types to attract more orders.” Giving our clients the ability to perform all their CAD/CAM business in one centralized location is a huge benefit for productivity. With Stratasys’ 3D printers, a wide spectrum of dental indications is available and our users are able to control the entire process- from the dentist’s initial order, to designing the restoration digitally and finally the end product.

Oratio’s adoption of the Objet 3D printer has enabled them to carry a completely digital workflow for in-house production of models, abutments, coping, crowns and bridges of any size and shape.