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The Big + in Your Production Workflow

In a nutshell, 2Create Plus is your go-to solution for pushing the boundaries of dental production. Whether in the dental sector or exploring broader industrial applications, this Laser Powder Bed Fusion printer is engineered to meet the demands of your most ambitious production goals.

The Big Brother of 2CREATE

2Create Plus is designed to meet the demands of rigorous & high-volume production of dental manufacturing with impressive features such as a spacious 150 mm x 150 mm print area and a robust 400 W laser. This powerhouse is tailored for efficiency and precision.

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Image shows a close-up of the 2CREATE Plus metal 3D printer from 2oneLab


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Fast Material Change

Swap out your 3D printing metal powder in just 20 minutes.

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Easy to Use

Even a newbie can effortlessly operate this metal 3D printer.

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Instant Printing

Ready to print in less than 5 minutes, reducing oxygen levels from 21% to below 1%.

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Short Production Times

Optimized efficiency with rapid turnaround times, ensuring the delivery of superior quality products.

Proto3000 Icon shows metal powder grain

Material Versatility

2CREATE Plus prints with an array of metals such as titanium, steel, and aluminum.

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Why choose 2Create Plus? 🚀

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Larger Build Platform

Boost your production with 2Create Plus. Its expansive platform accommodates a greater variety of parts, significantly boosting production efficiency. A spacious150 mm x 150 mm print area allows multiple parts to be printed simultaneously, thus enhancing production rates.

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Same Machine Size. Higher Laser Precision

The 2CREATE Plus is engineered with a 400 W laser for precision in high-quality dental and industrial parts while maintaining the compact design of 2CREATE of 720 x 860 x 1790 mm for a powerful and space-efficient production solution.

Image shows 2CREATE PLUS metal 3D printer from 2oneLab

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2BUILD CAM Software

2oneLab’s 2BUILD integrated software comes with lots of perks, such as: 

  • Auto-nesting enables mixing up to 35 RPDs with crowns or bridges on one platform
  • Lattice supports for RPDs, minimizing warping
  • Rod supports for crowns for a perfect surface finish.

Or all of the above in one single print session!

Image shows printscreen of 2BUILD - the cAM software from 2oneLab

Hand polishing is a thing of the past.

Automate to increase your productivity.




Easy Setup & Powder Changing

The 2Create Plus is designed for quick job change – finish one job and set up the next within 15 minutes. Need to switch from Titanium to Cobalt-Chrome? No problem. Change from reactive to non-reactive powders in less than 20 minutes. It’s that easy!


  • Cobalt-based alloy:  Cobalt-Chrome
  • Aluminum: AlSi10Mg
  • Iron-based alloy: 316L, 17-4 PH
  • Nickel-based alloy: 625, 718
  • Copper-based alloy: Bronce
  • Titanium: Ti6Al4V


Image shows operator changing metal powders in 2CREATE Plus 3D printer from 2oneLab

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Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Build Volume
Build Volume
150 mm x 150 mm, height 100 mm
Build Envelope Size
Build Envelope Size
150 mm x 150 mm, height 200 mm
Linear coater
Inert Gas
Inert Gas
Layer Thickness
Layer Thickness
30-80 µm
Machine Size
Machine Size
720 x 860 x 1790 mm
450 Kg