exoplan 3.0 Galway


exoplan 3.0 Galway

High-performance, user-friendly open software for implant planning and surgical guide design

The exoplan software provides maximum flexibility for dental labs, dentists, implant specialists, and surgeons regarding implant planning and surgical guide design. This digital platform ensures a seamless workflow and the highest usability and performance.

exoplan. Efficient software package for virtual implant planning & guided surgery

exoplan has an open, vendor-neutral software architecture. No matter the 3D scanner, 3D printer or milling machine you’re using, as long as they’re open-based systems, you can register for exoplan. Dental professionals such as dental labs, dentists, implant specialists and surgeons can treat edentulous patients with the utmost accuracy and predictability with guided surgery. This integrated software solution ensures seamless functionality of the digital workflow. From virtual, prosthetic-oriented implant planning to design surgical guides with the Guide Creator.

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Open-system Software

exoplan has an open, vendor-neutral software architecture.


DentalCAD Integration

exoplan's integration with exocad’s dental CAD software facilitates the planning and production of implant-supported, temporary and final prostheses.

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exoplan Library

A library of over 2,000 implant systems and prosthetic components.


Highest Accuracy - Alignment of Scan Data

Combine CBCT and surface scan data of a model by taking advantage of exoplan’s robust alignment tools.

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Ultra-fast DICOM Viewer

exoplan provides market-leading DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) loading and visualization speed due to its optimized data-handling algorithms and snappy graphics rendering.


Secured Communication

Secured communication with surgeons through detailed reports and surgical protocols. Document every case and component configuration automatically.

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Edentulous Case Planning

Guided surgery offers precision and predictability. Plan your edentulous patient treatment with implant-supported restorations.


Easy Anchor Pin Placement

The correct positioning of the surgical guide, especially on edentulous jaws, is challenging to implement without additional fixation. Anchor pins ensure precise placement of the surgical guide on edentulous jaws.


Denture-based surgical and fixation guide

You can now design both: a surgical and a fixation guide based on the shape of the original denture.


Dual-scan protocol

Align two CT or CBCT scans with the dual-scan protocol. One of the patient’s wearing a radiographic guide and one of the radiographic guide only. This enables safe planning of edentulous cases. Patients with existing dentures do not require any analogue or digital impression of the jaw, as the existing denture can be used.


Easier implant selection

Navigate through the comprehensive implant library with rapid search and efficient filtering to quickly find your implant of choice.

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Improved integration with DentalCAD

exoplan 3.0 Galway has available DentalCAD integration. The immediate load feature, popular for provisionals, has been further improved. The original prosthesis scan is automatically loaded into DentalCAD, enabling a model-less workflow.


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