exocad DentalCAD

Powerful CAD Software for Dental Labs

exocad DentalCAD 3D design software is an open digital workflow solution allowing labs and clinics to cover a range of applications and maximize their productivity. With DentalCAD, organic modeling is simple for beginners and even more powerful in the hands of experts, providing the foundation for a truly digital workflow and giving your lab the ability to deal with simple and complex cases on a daily basis.

One Platform, All of Digital Dentistry

The exocad DentalCAD software helps dental labs or clinic technicians improve the digital workflow with modules that can power up many dental applications. With exocad’s open architecture you aren’t limited with your equipment choices. It allows you to work with your choice of 3D scanner, 3D printer, or dental milling machine. Discover below why exocad is the leading choice of dental CAD software for labs of all sizes and novices to experts.

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Why Choose exocad DentalCAD?

Economical and profit icon

Profit and ROI

Profit from an unlimited number of cases with no hidden costs, click fees, or extensive training and implementation costs

Open_System STL file PRoto3000 icon

Connected and Open

DentalCAD supports file formats for open scanners, 3D printers, and milling machines so you have the freedom of choice

Image shows Proto3000 icon for speed, fast process

Faster Workflows

exocad DentalCAD is robust and designed for increased productivity even when dealing with large and complex cases

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Fast Track Your Growth

With exocad's modular system you can take on more cases, expand your service offerings and stay ahead of the competition

Reliable icon

Reliable and Dependable

With DentalCAD you have a robust and capable system and the Proto3000 team behind you for support

Flexible and Versatile

Use the modules you need, when you need them, and scale into new applications as your lab grows

Discover the power of open, easy-to-use and highly capable dental software

A Broad Range of Function

DentalCAD can power your lab to design a range of dental restorations and appliances all based on individual anatomies and patient-specific data. With an intuitive user interface, extensive functions and open tooth and material libraries you are guaranteed to have outstanding results.

exocad DentalCAD anatomic crowns image

Anatomic Crowns

exocad DentalCAD anatomic simple copings image

Anatomic/simple copings

exocad dentalcad attachment icon images


exocad DentalCAD bridge framework image

Bridge Framework

exocad dental cad inlays onlays application icon

Bridge Inlays/Onlays

exocad dentalcad veneers application icon


exocad dentalcad waxups application icon

Work with Waxups

exocad DentalCAD telescopic crowns application icon

Telescopic Crowns

Modules and Add-Ons

With exocad DentalCAD’s extensive library of modules, you can tackle anything that comes up in your lab

exocad dental CAD implant module icon

Implant Module

Design implant-based restorations including screw-retained crowns and bridges as well as custom abutments

exocad dental CAD bar module icon

Bar Module

Design dental bars for simple and complex clinical cases

exocad dental cad model creator module icon

Model Creator

Easily create physical models from digital impressions and 3D intraoral scans

dental model icon

Bite Splint Module

Quickly and easily design high-quality therapeutic night guards and bite splints custom to patient data

exocad dentalcad provisional module icon for Temporary Crown Bridge

Provisional Module

Create temporary crowns and bridges based on the patient's pre-operative anatomy or using a library

removable partial denture frameworks module icon


The PartialCAD module is a digital solution for producing removable partial denture frameworks

full denture module icon

Full Denture Module

A guided workflow tool for designing beautiful full dentures and producing them with a range of processes

exocad dentalcad truesmile dental restorations module icon

TruSmile Technology Module

Produce photorealistic renderings of dental restorations

exocad dentalcad Virtual Articulator module icon

Virtual Articulator Module

Consider dynamic occlusion and simulate jaw movement for perfect patient-specific results

exocad dentalcad Jaw Motion Import module icon

Jaw Motion Import

This module allows you to import jaw movement registration data from external devices

exocad dentalcad Visualization CT Dicom Viewer Icon

DICOM Viewer

View voxel data from CT machines with industry-leading DICOM loading and visualization speeds

exocad dentalcad 3d design software smile creator module icon

Smile Creator

An innovative in-CAD smile design tool for a predictable esthetic smile makeover

tooth library icon

Tooth Library

An extensive library of natural teeth, perfect as an aesthetic base for restorative designs

Central to Your Digital Workflow

exocad’s DentalCAD software is central for your lab or practice’s digital workflow. With DentalCAD, you can easily communicate with intraoral scanners, dental milling machine,s, 3D printers, desktop dental 3D scanners and many other devices regardless of make or model.

exocad dentalCAD open workflow diagram