DLyte Desktop Dental


DLyte Desktop Dental

Accessible and affordable metal surface finishing

The DLyte Dental system is a compact metal surface finishing machine powered by DLyte dry electropolishing technology. Small to medium-sized dental and orthodontic labs can now smooth and polish dental appliances like removable partial dentures, bars, and crowns, in-house with an automated workflow. From grinding to smoothing to mirror finishing, the DLyte Desktop Dental system will simplify your metal post-processing and leave you with stunning metal devices.

Dry Electropolishing
in a Compact Footprint

Suitable for cobalt-chrome (CoCr), titanium (Ti) and stainless steel

Powered by groundbreaking dry electropolishing technology, the DLyte Desktop Dental and Desktop Pro systems enable the metal surface finishing of any cast, sintered, or milled metal part whether they’re cobalt chrome, titanium, or stainless steel. With a wide range of compatible materials, an easy-to-use platform, and an affordable price point, the DLyte desktop systems make high-quality automated metal surface finishing accessible to dental labs of any size.

DLyte Desktop dental gpainnova

Two Systems

Designed for Flexibility

DLyte Desktop Dental GPAInnova

DLyte Desktop Dental

DLyte Desktop Dental is the compact version for the treatment of cobalt chrome.

DLyte Desktop PRO

DLyte Desktop Pro

DLyte Desktop Pro is suited for the treatment of titanium and stainless steel.

Key features

DryLyte logo

Patented dry electropolishing® technology

DryLyte® new patented technology for grinding and polishing metals by ion transport uses free solid media.

DLyte structure_cobalt chrome_milling

Numerous dental applications

You can process many metal dental applications such as partials, surgical guides, dental skeletals, spacers, implants, and orthodontic brackets.

DLyte easy to use software

User friendly software

The DLyte Systems come with user-friendly software that is easy to use and no prior training is required.

DLyte interface

Intuitive interface

The advanced and intuitive interface of the DLyte compact models ensures a straightforward process with pre-programmed settings.

Electrolyte CoCr2

Simple electrolyte handling and storage

You can load and unload the electrolyte media in less than two minutes. The solid media comes in a 3L container.

Proto3000_Environmental icon

Safe and clean

The consumables used in the metal surface finishing processes are safe and clean, thus avoiding hazards of chemical liquid waste or dust during the process.

Automate your metal appliance finishing and reduce costs

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Fixed Prosthesis

dental application DLyte
Cobalt Chrome | Machining

Co-Cr sintering dental
Cobalt chrome | Sintering

dental application DLyte5 resized
Cobalt Chrome | Sintering

Implant Prosthesis

Implant prosthesis Dlyte gpainnova
Titanium | Machining

DLyte application titanium
Titanium | Machining

Dlyte dental application titanium
Titanium | Machining

Removable Prosthesis

Upper_skeletal_cobalt chrome_casting Dlyte
Cobalt Chrome | Casting
CoCr Dlyte removable prosthesis

Cobalt Chrome | Casting


Plug and Play

At the press of a button, technicians can now begin surface finishing metal parts from the comfort of their desktop. With no prior training, DLyte Desktop Dental machines maneuvering is as easy as a walk in the park.

DLyte desktop plug and start

Quick Coupling and Releasing of the Holder

You can reduce the loading and unloading times thanks to the convenient holder fixation system with easy pressure and automatic locking system.

dlyte compact series - holder

Ultra-Compact and Silent

No matter how limited your space is, you can have access to the latest surface metal finishing technology with the DLyte Desktop. It is extremely space-saving as it can be operated on top of a 450 mm x 521 mm table. Besides its compact size yet high performance, the machine’s operation is smooth and silent.

DryLyte Desktop compact

Easy Electrolyte Handling and Storage

The DLyte Desktop equipment uses solid electrolytes which ensures a clean, quick and safe media loading and unloading. This is an essential advantage as it is highly recommended for the media to be removed from the machine and be stored in order to preserve optimum performance.

DLyte solid media


Connectivity is everything and DLyte Desktop is no different. It comes with Ethernet and USB ports offering connectivity to the new client’s portal in the cloud “HUB DLyte“.

HUB DLyte is a unique access point where you can activate electrolytes and download user and maintenance manuals, product technical datasheets, and process parameters for your DLyte machines. This access to the consumables activation is efficient and secure. In addition, the new cloud platform allows you to be informed about your polishing processes, electrolyte status and so much more.

DLyte Hub

How it Works

DLyte Desktop systems work by combining the electrical flow created by the high-precision rectifier with the movement of the pieces through the electropolishing media. This results in ion exchange, removing material only from the peaks of roughness. The process does not round edges and can access internal corners that are not easily accessed mechanically.

Step 1

The parts are clamped onto the holder.

DLyte Desktop Dental holder

Step 2

The holder is coupled.

dlyte compact series - holder

Step 3

The program is selected.

DLyte Desktop Dental program

Step 4

Surface finishing treatment takes place.

DLyte dry electropolishing

Before DLyte surface finishing

Before DLyte surface finishing

After DLyte surface finishing

After DLyte surface finishing

Technical Specs

DLyte Desktop Dental GPAInnova
Desktop Dental
DLyte Desktop PRO
Desktop PRO
Cobalt Chrome
Cobalt Chrome
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Holder Finger
Holder Finger
Holder Bars with Analogs
Not included
Holder Bars with Analogs
Not included
Spring Holder
Not included Not included
Spring Holder
Not included
Not included