For customized-fit orthodontic applications.

SmileGuard an FDA-cleared dental material developed by Desktop Health, is a breakthrough light-curable resin for 3D printing strong yet comfortable bite splints, night guards and mouth guards with stunning clarity and superior quality.
All dental professionals who need to protect their patients' smiles from stress-related dental conditions and make a significant difference in dental care, now have this opportunity with SmileGuard.

Safeguard your smile with SmileGuard.

3D print occlusal stabilization splints in less than an hour.


The SmileGuard is a proven 3D printing dental resin formulation that provides optimal strength and shape retention for durable protection and a comfortable, perfect fit. It is an FDA-cleared and Health Canada-cleared biocompatible material for fabricating dental and orthodontic appliances such as splints, night guards or mouth guards. With it, you can 3D print six guards on Desktop Health’s high-performance 3D printers in approximately 30 minutes.


SmileGuard_bite splint_DH

Stunning clarity, speed & accuracy

Features & Applications

Proto3000 icon for DLP printing

Light-curable resin for DLP 3D printing


FDA & Health Canada Cleared

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For comfortable & durable orthodontic appliances

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Beautiful finish & stunning clarity


Biocompatible material for patient's safety

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Fast & reliable 3D printing

Einstein™ DLP 3D printers.

Compatible with SmileGuard & Flexcera™ resins

The perfect blend of strength & comfort

Superior material properties


  • Flexural Strength: 37.3 MPa
  • For comfort, Shore D Hardness: 76
  • Ultimate Flexural Modulus for shape retention: 1107 MPa
  • Elongation of Break for durability: 138%
  • Biocompatible for patient safety

SmileGuard_Graphs_Flexural Modulus

3D print in ~30 minutes horizontal on your Einstein™ 3D printer with SmileGuard


  • Fast to process
  • Easy to polish 
  • Easy to place
  • Odourless
  • Tasteless

Customized fit with high-impact resistance to:


  • Teeth grinding
  • Clenching
  • Abrasions
  • TMD (Temporomandibular disorder)

SmileGuard is an FDA-cleared medical device recommended for the 3D fabrication of orthodontic and dental appliances such as bite splints, mouth guards, night guards, stabilization splints, and positioning splints.

Bottle of SmileGuard dental resin

Powered by Vat-Photopolymerisation

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are a game-changer for the dental industry


A complete high-precision 3D printing workflow

Step 1

Load digital files onto the Envision RP software to nest & add supports according to the instructions for use (IFU).

Image showing loading digital files to 3D print process

Step 2

Activate heat on the Einstein 3D printer for efficiency and speed, and press print as instructed in the IFU.

DH_SmileGuard 3D printed bite splints


Step 3

Easy peel-off supports and wash in the PWA 2000 washing unit according to the instructions for use.

Image showing bite splint washed in PWA 2000

Step 4

Cure with 1000 flashes in the Otoflash curing unit as indicated in the instructions for use.

Image showing cured bite splint in Otoflash curing unit

Easy to Polish, Easy to Place

Step 5

Use a commercially dental handpiece to smooth and clean any remaining supports according to the IFU.

Image showing polishing a bite splint printed with SmileGuard

Step 6

Polish the surface with a commercially dental polisher or handpiece according to the IFU.

Image showing a 3D printed bite splint polished with handpiece


Step 7

Cure with 1000 flashes in Otoflash according to the instructions for use.

Image showing cured bite splint in Otoflash curing unit

Step 8

This product may now be used on the patient according to the IFU.

Image showing a patient wearing a 3D printed bite splint with SMileGuard

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