Dental Manufacturing OS

Automated manufacturing operating system (OS) for dental labs, powered by AI

Oqton is an all-in-one manufacturing operation system designed for dental labs and powered by artificial intelligence. Thanks to its automated data preparation, you can streamline additive manufacturing and CAM operations while improving machine productivity and managing your entire production workflow creating full traceability.

Oqton. AI-driven dental production.

Oqton provides automated dental workflows to help you meet growing production goals while significantly reducing manpower requirements. An end-to-end, integrated dental production system, Oqton ensures full traceability to future-proof your business.

The Oqton platform is agnostic and can replace multiple disconnected software applications across your machines.


Diagram showing Automated Ai-driven dental production from Oqton


Up to 98%

faster data preparation from intelligent automation


machine productivity with denser nesting, faster printing or easier support removal


ready for any scale, from small lab to large production centres



AI-driven software

AI-driven automated and flexible workflow for RPD frames.


One-of-a-kind Connectivity

Oqton can connect and automate the workflow for all manufacturing processes, including CNC milling, metal and polymer 3D printing and hybrid/subtractive CAM workflows.

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SOC 2-certified Cloud-based software

Oqton is entirely cloud-based, allowing design & production across multiple remote locations.

Proto3000_Icons_Milling Machine


Oqton supports various industry-recognized metal 3D printers and has validated application-specific settings for common machine models for RPD frame production.

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Maximum Productivity for Milling & 3D Printing

With parallel cloud computing, Oqton can handle 100s of parts simultaneously irrespective of computer hardware.

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Full Traceability

Oqton tracks all orders, material batches, and part history, including revision history for easy compilation of Design History Files and Device History Records.


Additive Manufacturing Data Preparation

Layer, nest, slice, and prepare your RPDs and crown & bridge applications for metal additive manufacturing with minimal post-processing


Production Management

Prepare, plan, schedule, track, and trace your entire production workflow throughout your facility

Proto3000_Icon_Hybrid Processing

Flexible Production

Whether you are 3D printing, milling, thermoforming, or using other processes, Oqton provides the flexibility to manage your workflows

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Maximize Metal 3D Printing Productivity 

  • Smart automation saves up to 90% in data preparation time
  • Layered nesting of crowns & bridges, and high-density, interlocked nesting of RPDs
  • Optimized supports for easier support removal and reduced finishing

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Image showing dental metal 3D printed parts with Oqton software

Connect and Automate Clear Aligners Production

  • Oqton connects design, 3D printing, thermoforming, laser marking, CNC milling, labelling and packaging manufacturing processes.
  • Fully automated data preparations and optimized nesting for cost-effective production
  • Easily scalable, across multiple locations, and ready for any volume

image showing production of dental clear aligners powered by Oqton

No More Repetitive Tasks in CNC Milling

  • AI-driven automation of CAM workflows, including automatic stock selection, nesting, and toolpath generation
  • Machine learning capabilities for orientation and pin placement
  • Optimized machining efficiency and consistent results based on feature detection and automated assignment of milling templates.

CNC Milling Workflow Capabilities

Image showing dental milling powered by Oqton-AI

Highly Efficient Production Management

  • Prepare, plan, schedule, track and trace your entire production facilities
  • End-to-end traceability of materials, tools, parts and jobs with full revision history
  • Rich data can be gathered automatically by integrating and connecting CAM, MES and IoT

Image showing Oqton interface of dental production management

Dental CNC Milling Workflow

Discover how Manufacturing OS can enhance productivity in your dental CNC milling workflow.


Automated conversion from all common file formats and mesh healing ensure watertight designs. There is no need for metadata, as Manufacturing OS will auto-generate the data relevant for production.Image of a laptop screen with Oqton-Manufacturing OS dental CNC milling screenshot

Connect your ERP or file management system to push designs to Manufacturing OS and create a direct link with production.


Automated orientation minimizes undercuts while respecting tool-axis limitations and aligning the anatomical area in multi-layered disks for optimal colour results.

Image of a laptop screen with Oqton-Manufacturing OS dental CNC milling screenshot


Quickly identify individual parts with automated labelling. Significantly speed up sorting, reduce mistakes and strengthen traceability.


Oqton-Manufacturing-OS-Dental-Milling Part Labeling


Automated, intelligent placement of connector pins, respecting interproximal areas and margin lines.

OQTON Manufacturing OS Dental Milling Software- Image shows dental parts nesting


The most suitable disk is automatically selected based on colour, the minimal disk thickness possible, and available stock. Parts are nested in high density.

OQTON Manufacturing OS Dental Milling Software- Image shows pin placement



Automated toolpath generation, automatically applying validated strategies based on the detected part features.

Oqton-Manufacturing OS-Image shows screenshot of dental milling smart toolpath generation