Software that Helps You Transition to Digital Dentistry

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Software that Helps You Transition to Digital Dentistry

If you’re considering getting onto digital dentistry, you can’t be blamed for being somewhat confused. You understand the advantages of the speed, accuracy and patient experience you can get from intraoral scanners, 3D printing, dental milling, and more. But perhaps you’re not convinced that you want to dental lab services into your clinic. Or, even if you do, you’re not sure where to begin, how much to spend, etc..

The Open Platform Software that Helps You Get Into Digital Dentistry

Medit Link is an integrated software platform that helps you connect with dental labs. It includes cloud storage and the easy sharing of case and scan data. It also allows for the easy integration of CAD software. You can also place, manage and complete contracts, orders, and payments. 

So what does it all mean for your digital dentistry?

First, you don’t have to bring dental-lab technology into your clinic right away. But you can still enjoy many of the advantages of digital dentistry. 

With Medit Link you can systematically manage a series of digital dentistry workflows. These include:

  • The scanning process with any Medit intraoral scanner
  • The ordering of prostheses
  • The manufacturing of the prostheses

And you can do it all using the user-friendly menu system, composed of only a Case Box, Order Box, In Box, and Work Box.

How it Works

You will need to make one hardware investment if you haven’t already. But it’s probably the greatest value in all digital dentistry.

Medit Link and Intraoral Scanners 

Medit Link works with any intraoral scanner from Medit, including the feature-rich i500 and the i700. The scanning process is smooth and Medit manages the scan data. You can even place orders with information gathered by the i500 and i700. Scan files are automatically uploaded to the cloud, orders are facilitated with partnered or contracted dental labs, and payments can be processed.


If you work with more than one lab, you can negotiate order items and prices with each one in advance.

The Cloud Service

Medit Link automatically uploads ort downloads databases and files using AWS. Data automatically syncs with all users who have access permission using the Medit Link software.

Data Security

Files and databases use encryption for storage and transmission, in full compliance with HIPPA, GDPR and all medical laws.

Payment Platforms

Medit Link integrates with the Stripe and I’mport online payment platforms for easy, secure credit card processing.

To learn more about Medit Link, check out our Medit Link product page.