A New Era in Digital Orthodontics

A New Era in Digital Orthodontics



ClearCorrect (based in Houston Texas) manufactures clear aligners and serves over 11,000 orthodontic clients. In this short video CEO Jarrett Pumphrey and his team discuss how their business has been able to scale up and evolve from a manual workflow and milling-based manufacturing to a completely digital, computer-controlled process with 3D printing today. An important force multiplier for the company is their growing set of Objet 3D Printers. The Objet 3D Printers can rapidly produce whole trays of individually-customized digital stone models which serve as extremely accurate base-mold tools upon which the clear aligners are then thermoformed. ClearCorrect sends both the digital stone model and the closely-fitted clear aligners to their doctor clients.

With more efficient and visually appealing orthodontic processes, consumers have dictated a demand for clear alignment treatment. With this process, different aligners need to be produced for each stage of a patients treatment. With Objet 3D Printers, ClearCorrect is able to produce the entire collection of aligner models in a single build. The models then go through a thermoforming process where the final clear aligner is produced. With this new digital solutions, both the end consumer and the Orthodontist are able to benefit. Compared with other clear aligner producers, ClearCorrect sends the 3D printed models with their clear aligners, so that orthodontists can produce replacements when needed. This saves both time and money for the patient and the Orthodontist, as traditional methods would mean both would have to wait weeks to receive a replacement.


ClearCorrect's manufacturing center is one of the most advanced digital production centers in the USA. With their newly aquired Objet 3D Printers, ClearCorrect is employing the use of 3D printing technoloy to enhance their production capabilities and improve the overall product.

“With the recent implementation of these Objet 3D printing systems, we now have the means to scale rapidly and efficiently in the global market while maintaining the highest quality,”

– ClearCorrect CEO, Jarrett Pumphrey.




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