Changing the Dentistry Landscape

Changing the Dentistry Landscape

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Innovations are Changing the Dentistry Landscape




In the world of dentistry, 3D printing may not be the first thing to come to mind but its influence touches one of the most dynamic areas of healthcare use on the market today. One of the prime characteristics and features of 3D printing is customization, ideal for dental models and in-mouth treatment devices. 3D printed innovations have a direct impact on patients, allowing them to achieve a greater understanding about the process and what their treatment will involve, ensuring patient confidence and satisfaction. The challenge for many dental professionals however, is designing and manufacturing such customized oral appliances in a way that is both efficient and cost effective. This is where 3D printing brings innovation and inherent business value to dental labs- streamlining their digital workflow.

Digital dental labs are revolutionizing production and distribution processes, taking advantage of additive manufacturing technologies such as multi-material printing to invent new types of splints and fors for orthodontics. These tools can then be utilized in oral surgery, creating physical mock-ups which are identical to real teeth, and the production of models which clearly highlight the areas of treatment for each individual patient. In the dental industry, it is becoming imperative for labs to adopt a digital workflow. As all digital dental labs are measurable, traditional dental labs work manually, and as a result, average productivity becomes much harder to quantify.  Labs that have yet to integrate 3D printers in their workspace are limited in their ability to efficiently create the high standard of patient experiences.

The case study video below showcases UK Dentech, one of the United Kingdom’s leading dental labs. They were looking to innovate as a full service provider, delivering digital workflow solutions that helped their partners develop a streamlined, higher standard for customer experiences.