Keystone KeyPrint

KeyPrint® KeyGuard®

Biocompatible photopolymer resin for custom-made athletic mouthguards.

KeyPrint® KeyCast®

Perfect for ash-free investment casting

KeyPrint® KeyGuide®

3D print transparent and accurate surgical guides

KeyPrint® KeyMask

Gingival mask material used for simulating gum tissue

KeyPrint® KeyModel Ultra™

High-performance, next-gen dental and orthodontic models

KeyPrint® KeyModel®

Perfect for general use dental models

KeyPrint® KeyOrtho IBT™

Manufacture highly-precise indirect bonding trays

KeyPrint® KeyOrthoModel®

Create models for thermoforming aligners

KeyPrint® KeySplint Hard™

Provide Bruxism Therapy with Rigid Dental Splints

KeyPrint® KeySplint Soft™

3D print bite splints, night guards, and bleaching trays

KeyPrint® KeyTray™

Create strong and biocompatible impression trays

Stratasys Dental 3D Printing Materials Overview


Clear Biocompatible (MED610™)

  • Transparent, bio-compatible material that is medically approved for temporary in-mouth placement. Ideal for: Orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays and surgical guides

Flexible Biocompatible (MED625FLX™)

  • Flexible, biocompatible material that is certified for temporary in-mouth placement.Ideal for: Orthodontic indirect bonding trays and implant gingival masks

Biocompatible VeroGlaze™ (MED620™)

  • Opaque white material with A2 shading designed to provide the best color match in the industry. VeroGlaze is medically approved for temporary in-mouth placement for up to 24 hours.Ideal for: Veneer try-ins and diagnostic wax-ups

VeroDent™ (MED670™)

  • Natural peach-tone material with high-quality detail, strength and durability.
    Ideal for: Dental and orthodontic models including clear aligner arches

VeroDentPlus™ (MED690™)

  • Dark beige material that creates amazingly fine features and finish. VeroDentPlus also offers excellent strength and durability and delivers a higher level of opacity than VeroDent. Ideal for: Dental and orthodontic models including clear aligner arches

Triple-Jetting technology

  • In addition, standard 3D printing materials provide composites with these advanced features: Gum-like textures, range of colors to represent natural tooth and gum shades, ability to render anatomy such as nerve canal, jaw and teeth in contrasting materials, all in one print

Digital Mixing

Create Realistic Teeth and Gums with Accurate Look and Feel

MED610 Clear Bio-compatible

Biocompatible material for temporary in-mouth placement

MED690 VeroDent Plus

Ideal for crown and bridge work

MED690 Biocompatible VeroGlaze

Used for denture try-ins, diagnostic wax-ups, and custom trays

MED670 VeroDent

High detail, ideal for dental models

Desktop Health Dental 3D Printing Materials


For customized-fit orthodontic applications.

E-Aqua Model

Eco-friendly material for easy cleanup of dental models


3D printing resin for the production of highly accurate, scannable dental models


Produce highly accurate, crystal clear orthodontic devices


Precise targeted placement of implants


Affordable dental model 3D printing resin for volume production


Delicate Partial Frameworks


Translucent 3D printing resin for unique dental trays

Flexcera Smile Ultra+

Permanent smiles, made possible with 3D printing

Flexcera™ Base

Create beautiful, functional dentures with ceramic-like strength

Flexcera™ Smile

Create Unforgettable Smiles with 3D Printed Teeth

Model X by Desktop Health™

Achieve exceptionally detailed 3D printed dental models

Model Z by Desktop Health™

Designed for Fast, Affordable, and High Accuracy Orthodontic Model Production

Press E-Cast

3D printing resin with ash-free burnout for the production of high-quality castings